Friends, Associates, & Other Stuff Apr 11 - Jul 11

Jul 11

Wondering around Kudaka Island, Okinawa with Maki (really could have used a macro lens on this trip)

Premist Promenade Cruise apartments in Chatan, Chatan-cho, Okinawa (still a work in progress...waiting for my Cali household goods) and car.  Great location between two beaches, bars, restaurants, sports parks all within 15min walk.

Jun 11

Happy Father's Day pop...I went to go see some bulls fight for ya! ;) Okinawan Bullfight.  Called "Togyu" in Japanese, has been a popular part of the Ryukyu Islands History since the 17th century.

Kadena Marina

3rd Annual Red Cross Derby Day

Maeda Point

May 11

My "Afro's and Lederhosen" Going Away.  Thanks to MSgt D for organizing and everybody that came out.  Photos taken by Bankich & Andrews (I popped off a few here and there as well), edited by me.

Apr 11

Open Mic at the Challenger Club

Franck's Going Away


Squadron Flight Challenge


DC's Surprise b-day and going away (thanks to Bank & Cat for takin the camera for a bit...awesome photos guys)

What What and General Doolittle Going Away


Chillin' at Gecko;s

Cherry's going away. Kilt Pilsung Seoul...turn-n-burn...go hard or go home!!!

Spartan Social- squadron get together at Gecko's

Riding around on a Sunday: Aiins World (mini replica of world sites)

Wolmi Park and Wharf

China Town and Jayu Park