Friends, Associates, & Other Stuff Nov 10 - Mar 11

Mar 11

Both 694 ISRG Over & Under 30 Base Basketball Team take home the gold!!  Had to put the camera down to play...couldn't find anyone that wasn't intimidated by the gear to photo the over 30 game.  :(

Random shots not posted: the best beater ever that I'll soon be selling, SCOS Bowling, out and about in Songtan

People to People International (PTPI) Pyeoung Taek Chapter American/Korean Friendship Bowling Tournament (I placed 13th out of roughly 80-90 folks)

ISRG under 30 basketball team; playoff round 2 win over MOS...tight game

St Patrick's Festival w/Franck & Company hosted by Irish Association of Korea

Green beanin' Dang & Nunn at Long's place

Santana at Olympic Park in Seoul.  The music was great, but I think he was high...or he's real hippie...fav quotes of the night.

"You are light and are...significant."   /   "Politics and religion are prehistoric...Godzilla"

Snowboarding at Yongpyon (Dragon Valley) Ski resort.  31 slopes, 15 chair lifts, and a 3.7 km gondola.

Burris Going Away

Feb 11

Perez Going Away

SCOS Green Bean

Jan 11

Jan randoms

Another night in Songtan- it was an incredible photo night at Road House

Tina's going away...she'll be very missed very much.

New Year weekend in Busan.  Actual New Year was a bit of a bust, but overall weekend was great.

Dec 10

Squadron Holiday party with co-workers followed by bar hoping in Songtan

Trip to Angeles City & Subic Bay, Philippines.  Spent more time partying so I didn't explore time.

USFK Flag Football Playoff Weekend (72 of 944 photos- not including all the ones I deleted)...oh, and some basketball in between games. ;)

Nov 10

3 days at Mt Sorak & East Coast