Friends, Associates, & Other Stuff Jul 10 - Nov 10

Teaching English at Songtan Jeil High School

Anderson Going Away II

Some more of Osan foosball.  Men & Women's vs Humphrey's

Shin Saeng Orphanage II- trip was even more fun than last time. These amazing kids kicked out butts in some soccer.

My pics

Cody pics w/my edits


Barack Obama's Veteran's Day Presidential Address at Yongsan Garrison, Seoul

60th Anniversary of the Korean War- Jang-Jin (Choin) Reservoir Battle Commemoration

 Chad Lewis (former Eagles tight end): Leadership: On and Off the Field

Osan Women's Football Game x2

Out in Seoul for Anderson's Going Away

Oct 10

Two nights of Halloween (at Shakira's & around town)

Cheongpung Land for Bungee, Ejection seat, and big swing.

First Formula 1 Race in Korea

Korean War Memorial & Seoul Wondering

Osan 2010 Air Power Day

K1 Kickboxing final 16 in Seoul

Sep 10

USAF invited to ROKAF Chuseok Ceremony- a major harvest festival (kind of like Thanksgiving) where Koreans thanked their ancestors for the year's harvest and shared their abundance with family and friends.

Random shots from whenever

AF Ball at Lotte World Hotel in Seoul

Korean & American Friendship Festival

2010 World Military Basketball Championship Tournament

Bugs in my garage, the commissary garage, and apparently on my car.

Murphy's Going Away

Aug 10

Shin Saeng Orphanage (provided by Cody)

Just another night out with the homies

Watson's and Diaz's Going Away dinner

Bowling w/the girls

Mungyeong Zipline Trip


38th Gangjin Celadon Festival  - festival dedicated to porcelain

Boss & Buddy + Random

Sam's Birthday Beer at Woody;s

White Water Rafting on Naerincheon River


July 10

Random shots of Mel going away, CC Call, and Squadron Stand-up Ceremony