Friends, Associates, & Other Stuff May 10 - Jul 10

Tamara Rose art showing in Gwanju South Korea

Lumpia at Shakira's Crib

Mud Festival 2010


Drive to Daejeon

Liberty Festival at Osna AB

Random Songtan night (at O Lounge)

Jen's b-day (I think) and trip to Pyeongtaek City Hall for some Karaoke

Cultural Awareness class hosted by Pyeongtaek University (random shots and Suwon Folk Village)

Random shots at Shakira's and Songtan

Three day trip to Jeju Island


The new apartment

Enchiladas with the Diva's

Can't remember the name of this cave along w/boat ride

Brazilin' at Rio's Grill

Osan Dorm room & common area (Bldg 475)


Z's promotion and my leaving for Korea gathering