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Friends, Associates, & Other Stuff Apr 12 - Dec 12

Dec 12

Post Deployment Leave over the Holiday

Random Shots of Various Events/Activities

Enchanted Rock Hike

Chalk Ridge Falls & A Bridge Hike

San Antonio Spurs vs Dallas Mavericks

San Catalina State Park, Romero Trail & Pools- Tucson, AZ

The Pets

Random: Kinoshita Circus (couldn't take pictures inside :(  Last visit to Oki was 8 years ago....pretty good show)

Kandahar, Afghanistan

Flight from KAF to Manas for redeployment

Random: Outside, pre-redeployment lodging (it pays to know folks...20 person tent all to myself), photo with 451 EMXG and EMXS leadership

451 AEW and COMKAF Change of Command

Random:  On the flightline shooting for the front office (CC, Chief, and 1st Shirt)

Random: At the Taliban Last Stand

MSgt Cruz going away after dinner photo

First 4 Volleyball Tournament Championship game (5/6 vs Top 3...Top 3 won) and BBQ

Flag dedication for my OICs mother in remembrance of her dad

Hispanic Heritage Celebration...very cool and fun event.

Random: Platelet drive, breakfast with a view, and a sunrise.

Golf at the Pond, Focus 5/6 fundraiser

Military led K9 demo. 

Random: French MRE, my birthday cake and choir, and my troop's reenlistment at the Taliban Last Stand

CV-22 Osprey Tour

Random shots of Camp Bradley-Smith...where I live

What do you call seven teams of 10 people (3 Army, 3 Air Force, and 1 British) competing in a 5k, tug-of-war, litter carry, tire flip, push-ups and a humvee push?  Combat Olympics!!!!  Closing ceremony with BBQ to announce top 3 teams: Bronze- Brits, Silver- Army (team 3), Gold- Air Force (team 2)Organized and led by the FOCUS 5/6...whoot, whoot!

Whit wit some aircraft that kicka$$!  C-130J Hercules, F-16C Fighting Falcon, MC-12 Huron, U-21 Blue Devil, MQ-9 Predator, and MQ-1 Reaper.  From airlift to ISR these babies are gettin' it done everyday.

Got home and stumbled across a K9 demonstration.  Pretty cool stuff.  Feisty dogs!!  Gonna have to schedule a demonstration so I can get in one of those suits.  LOL

KAF monthly birthday celebration (led by the Focus 5/6..exec council baby ;) Lt Gen Goldfein ( was visiting the base and attended. Great event with great people and food!  Got an executive council photo with the Gen.

Random shots of mornings, weapon cleaning, and badassedness

Casualty detail for medical exercise. SrA Deines managed to photo everything but herself. lol


EMXG/CC AMMO tour and bomb build

Allen & Woods Going Away

Top 3 vs. Focus 5/ was fairly late so the photos are really grainy.  Side note, we lost.

Volunteering at the Father's Day 5K

MSgt Silvia's Going Away at TGI Friday's


Random shots of stuff and coworkers (SrA Deines & MSgt Silvia)

Flight over w/stop in Liepzig, Germany and Manas near Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.  Along w/my room and the ladies. lol

Apr 12

Seven Days in Taiwan w/my buddy Maki.  Had a wonderful guide (Jill Wei) and three very pleasant Holland'ers on holiday.  Over 1,400 photos taken with 420ish posted below.

Arrival in Taipei (wandered the streets and checked out Longshan Temple and Taipei 101 building).  Stayed at Riveria Hotel (very good location with close subway access to a lot of sights)

Drive to Sun Moon Lake checking out Lukang  (visit market, old streets, Ding Historic Mansion).  Checked out Peacock Park and  stayed at Cherng Yuan Guest House, enjoyed the lake and Wen Wu Temple

Drive to Tainan city (say Chikan Tower, Confucius Temple, then off to Foguangshan Monastery

 Kaoshsiung city (saw Spring/Autumn Pavilion and Dragon & Tiger Pagoda, then off to Taitung arriving at Chihpen (stayed at Toyugi Hot Spring)

Rode northeast to visit Siaoyeliou, Dulan (Art center with pacific view), Tunghe Bridge to see wild monkeys, and Sansientai.  Also enjoyed East Rift Valley (stayed at Leader Village in Hualien Conuty).  Toured a bit of Taroko National Park (Saw Tunnels of Nine Turns and Swallow Grotto .  All on the way back to Taipai.

Video of Taroko performances can be viewed here:

Last day/night in Taipei say night market, CKS Memorial Hall,  Peace Park, and Presidential Palace

Video of changing of the guard can be viewed here: